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My club penguin videos

Here are some of my videos that i posted on youtube:

Note:  Cp movie is only good if you download it off google.


17 Responses to “My club penguin videos”

  1. the above person penwuin said

    oh my fricking god its no loger availible

  2. go on and maximise it. u can’t see it good from here.

  3. omiwarrior said

    i no its not availible but now it is
    i fixed it
    it had a lot of errors last time
    it didnt put in the end of my video

  4. omiwarrior said

    oh and u may wanna see it zoomed in on you tube

  5. Mr.Cool said

    Hello. Im Mr.Cool. I go around rating videos on blogs. The highest i rate is *****. Guess wat u got. ***** I luv the Ultimate Destiny song. ( I listen to it on my free time with the video) I think if u can u should make it a little less blurier. Also the other song, I memerised the words to it. I’de luv to sing it 4 u but i hav to do my job. If u ever want to see me be in yeti blizzard or bigfoot. u can catch me anywhere in cp. im zxq308. hope to see u around!
    Blog Rating Co.

  6. bluefire78 said

    dont like it

  7. Mr.Cool said

    Blog Rating Co. has awarded u blog of the week. U can now go on my friends nonmember acount “Cactus456”. Password: *piegood*. This is ur 1st award. U can get another one bye including amazing cheats even though these r amazing cheats. Remeber, u can see me in mamoth, yeti, blizzard,or bigfoot. hope 2 c u around!
    Blog Rating Co.

  8. MATT said


  9. rock dude 95 said

    yo dudes iam the richest man in clubpenguin my father is best friends with the creator of clubpenguin but i try to keep my profile low sometimes. ihave 999 million coins iam the richest msan in cp yo and you no that video what is the song called from your video

  10. rockhopper said

    i can read wat is said in the video

  11. Gastrol 1 said this is my site by the time. And this video´s gr8 yeah gr8 realy gr8 8)

  12. drew32904 said

    how did u record stuff from your moniter like that???

  13. he used zdsoft, but hypercam2 is better

  14. drew32904 said

    ok thanks

  15. it is blurier because the old zdsoft was horrible. They have a new one that is better but hypercam is better then them all.

  16. Kait33 said

    yeah, hypercam is better I use it Im gonna try to upload some videos on veoh see ya!

  17. where is hypercam like how do you download it?

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