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AWESOME VIDEOS!!! some are for older people and they are not club penguin!!!

Here are hilarious videos! These r not mine when i make some of my own ill make a new page ok!

Some smosh videos

Easter Bunny Hates You

Mix ups

If something happens

WTF Xiaolin Showdown

Xiaolin Showdown WTF

Xiaolin Showdown WTF 2

Ultimate Showdown

Squeeky Xiaolin Showdown

Chirp the nub crusher


26 Responses to “AWESOME VIDEOS!!! some are for older people and they are not club penguin!!!”

  1. hey this was a thnx to me 4 xiaolin showdown wtf 1 &2

  2. ultimate showdown:
    1.discovery-omi warrior &

  3. raimundo!!

  4. common ppl these vids r awesome.these r vids me and omi discovered….mostly him tho.chirpy123abc discovered all of the naruto fan flashes,the wtf xiaolin showdown,and ultimate showdown.i discovered xiaolin showdown wtf 1&2,and squeeky xiaolin watch these awesome vids he put and we both discovered…again mostly him 4 the discoveries.plz show him that uy really like these awesome vids.

  5. blurblbary said

    these are really bad viedos of clubpenguin thay are weird and the person that made these is a weirdo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. blurblbary said

    and my sister sydni is a freak

  7. these vids r not club penguin
    readt the headline smart1

  8. omiwarrior said

    yeah u jerk quit being like that read the headline and get lost blurblbary

  9. yeah wat he and i said

  10. magnovox said


  11. hey boys can u give ur password and names ppz ill tell u mine im a member

  12. i’m not telling my pass to any1

    theonly one who nos my pass is omi

  13. go gaara!lol

  14. u guys have no taste 4 these awesome vids that me and omi took a long time discovering them

  15. u guys stink

  16. Brg914 said

    who? oh plus these vids are awsome and i laghued my @$$ of when I saw them

  17. thnx 4 ur appriate comment

  18. cpzrocks said

    that pokemon movie was SOOOO funny!!!!!
    I was laughing my head off.
    i spotted something wrong in the backround: there was a poster of two women ****ing eachother

  19. ty… personal favorites was ultimate showdown and wtf xiaolin showdown

  20. “jack spicer has been cocked cold.ORB OF TORNAMI!”lol best part of wtf xiaolin showdown

  21. Backwash10 said

    on the naruto video there were two can i know what the first one is

  22. Backwash10 said

    on the naruto video there were two songs can i know what the first one is

  23. omiwarrier said

    y dont u shut up

  24. Dragonflyer9 said


  25. omiwarrior said

    yo ummm the first video, pause it when there are 6 seconds left. VERY FUNNY!

  26. cat03 said

    lol! Those kong fue ones are childesh though!

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