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Old Upgrade

Posted by waterwarrior905 on September 4, 2007

Ok on last Friday August 31st.  There was a sport shop update.  Omi told me to post this but i was sorta busy.  So now he reminded me to post this and i had the time so here is a video of the update.


6 Responses to “Old Upgrade”

  1. Hey Omi, I added you to my best buddy page. I also added your blog to the good sites page. I also haven’t seen you on cp lately. I never get to hang out with you. I know before you favorite server was flurry but it will be great if we can hang out some time.

  2. drew32904 said

    how did u guys get a pod cast on itunes?

  3. pucca109 said

    Cool. But, I love the way you pointed out the hidden items! That was really great!

  4. cpmac said

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  5. ~CpDjz-Bmxkingaz~ said


  6. ~CpDjz-Bmxkingaz~ said

    What’s your aim?

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