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Yellow viking helmet!

Posted by omiwarrior on February 2, 2007

If some1 knows where the yellow viking helmet is, plz tell me!  I need to know!

Never mind, i no where it is!


8 Responses to “Yellow viking helmet!”

  1. penwuin said

    i wanna know

  2. penwuin2 said

    sorry penwuin is banned

  3. oooppplaaa said

    hey new site

  4. my site say something plz!!

  5. mrulrik said

    U just clickon all the stars in the Star Neclase then the Re Viking HElmet will pop up…Then clikc ”Close X” And click on The Red Viking helmet again…Do it untill the blue Viking HElmet Appears…And then when the blue viknh helmet menu is up…Click on the tiara…So simple,…..

  6. omiwarrior said

    i no now already i wrote

  7. louisa said

    I HAV IT

  8. hil16 said

    ur asking were a secret item is!?
    This is a so called cheats site!

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