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Password box

Posted by omiwarrior on January 9, 2007

Here u can post your Club penguin screenames and passwords.

note: i am not responsible for what happens to your files 🙂

Why make a password box?

So people can ask for help  with their file and other people can go in and help out.


135 Responses to “Password box”

  1. Cat Cat 49 said

    sure like im giving my pass but ill give u one:

  2. omiwarrior said

    thats not his password

  3. jgw310 said

    how du u know

  4. jgw310 said

    i dont no if eether of u r teling the truth

  5. sing ding said

    this is a note for my friend it is for members only: email him at to get loadz of money and clothes and furniture he will do it for you and this is not a hack and he will not chnge ur passsword and he cant cuz he dont kno ur email : that was from my friend so do it for him plz!oh and he said dont worry if oesnt work traight way cuz he has got to work at a few so he cant do them all straight away

  6. partydd905 said

    yea right…how we no he won’t ban us

  7. boyzzzboy102195 said

    Tuidy NAME 127812 PASS

  8. ill meet u billybob on jan.12th 2oo7 at flurry at 5

  9. dude dont ask me i dont know said

    me 2 ill be mely bely

  10. boo10 said

    so hi

  11. omiwarrior said

    boyzzzboy102195 i made ur file an agent

  12. omiwarrior said

    i also beat the missions and got u a puffle

  13. snowdayl said

    common im NOT giving u my password

  14. me either im a memeber with a stone igloo

  15. i am so NOT giving u my password
    so there

  16. Naruto9819 said

    omfg you guys dont have any acounts fuck

  17. magnovox said


  18. guys once i can hack marwo22.his account will be ours.muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. ??? said

    plz i want more coins plz plzplzplz don’t ban me:(

    plzplzplz don’t ban me:(:(

  20. poopoo said


  21. poopoo said

    hi hi hi

  22. billybob said

    billybob user
    billybob pass

  23. Dan124 said

    wow im friends with heat wade i think he gots to much lights in his house i saw rockhopper walking around god whats the big deal about rockhopper any way i didnt ask to be my heres my password and name:gillyhoppins pass:WhYrYoUaAgEnT

  24. im unknowname figure my name out and youll get 10,000 lol coins just give me your pass and name i promiss im not gonna get u banned because i dont cheat all i do is find the secrets hey i got 25,000 coins before all i did was play cart surfing

  25. my name is surfingbxz5 my pass is Dan124 hahaha for dan124

  26. shut up surfinbxz5 u just told your name out to everyone and your pass

  27. oh and im using unknown name for posting

  28. hi who needs coins said

    heyy despret for coins and just became a memeber well u found the right person e-mail me at ad ill get u lots of coins just leave ur user and pass and next time u log on u will see lots of coins

  29. rsnail said

    user : elie forerro
    pass : 123123
    user : extra boss
    pass : mommy

    take it if u want it’s a memmbers account

  30. my password is 45678301 and my name is pinkroses56

  31. Vibrent said

    Name: Vibrent
    Pass: billybob

  32. Vibrent said

    Name: Vibrent
    Pass: billybob


  33. hi everyone

  34. rockn roll said

    my name is rocker my pass is drums

  35. mmyssyss said

    nice sit its awasome

  36. psp33 said

    this is the friend sing ding said about and he lied i will only take members but he gave his email out so if YOU had givin him your user you were wrong. He probally hacked them all. Am I right? Well i will help you and I will not ban you
    just email me your username and password at

    I swear I will not ban you. Oh yea I almost forgot in your email tell me how much coins you want and what items you want. This is for members only. But
    I do have a friend who will take non-members. But he will only get you coins.
    You don’t need to trust me. But I would. My friends email is

  37. here, eat this.
    name: rsnail
    pass: rsnail

  38. Mizz kandy said

    I Know the password to one of the moderator accounts! I cant believe i found it. I hope my mom don’t find out! She’d kill me. If you wanna know e-mail me at but i gotta trust you before i tell you so tell me your member password. Don’t worry i wont hack and even if i do you can just change the password again without having to log on. It is just for trust as i dont want someone to make it so that i can’t go on it because it is so fun! You get certain things and 99999 coins because you’re a moderator. They always hog the luxuries for themselves. Please if i tell you don’t do anything with the account because that is the only time i can get any sort of member stuff. My mom wont buy one for me and im scared to hack normal one because my mom goes through my computer and if she found out I’d be dead meat!

  39. bigo said


  40. rockhopper said

    hiya meet me at english mittens im called trollgurl at 11:00

  41. Lochy said

    LIsten up poeple make me a member i will pay you in real life but i dont a cridit card so i cant send the money to you. Just send me your address on and i will come to your house or place if you are close to me. I live in america New York
    username: doodurs
    Password: asdfasdf

    Thanks Dood

  42. Hi Guyz

    My pass is: georgia
    And my user name is: Cola Cola 99

  43. you can have my peng as long as you make it a member

    password: georgia

    name:Cola Cola 99

  44. People If you want free membership e-mail me your password and username.
    I’m sorry but I can only afford 1month membership… It’s because I gave my brother 12 month membership. Please don’t force me to put like 12 months.

    My e-mail is …. Remember this! I can only put 1 month membership on penguins.. And I have US $57.00 so I will only choose 4 Penguins to put membership on. I Hope You Will Be The First To Send Me You Username And password!!

    Remember: My e-mail is

    Waddle On!

  45. hey talk over here bro!! ;]

    Remember me the guy in YouTube™ ??

  46. butterscent said

    you no my pass is chestnut and name is butterscent i desperate for coins plz plz plz plz

  47. mahdi said

    how do you do the cheat on the cheat engine?

  48. elharake boo said

    how do you do the cheat on the cheat engine? and on wpe pro i know how to get 999 coins but how do you get 999999 coins?

  49. omi warrior attack runescape

  50. omi warrior attack runescape

  51. why cant some one tell me

  52. I know a very good thing.Go to the beacon and go behind the fish bucket filled with fish then quicly clic on the door and click on the wall and then you will be walking on walls.

  53. name:penghdjkkd
    this is true

  54. vvvvv said

    plzzzz i will get u soooo many coins i promis u. i will only for members. do not think i am hacking to play members b/c i am not i am a member and i do not no how to hack so plzzzz plzzz plzzz with a cherry on top send ur user and pass to briley

  55. watex said

    You can find Rockhopper’s password on this website:


  56. steven said

    what your email

  57. steven said

    what your email (email me at

  58. ohya553 said

    if u want alot of coins and a bunch of cool stuff email me at I promise u i wont get u banned i promise if i do u can bann me

  59. yuasty7degyuf

  60. Club Penguin ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said

    mine is koolaid434 pass partygirl

  61. im a non member i have 7ooo thousen coins
    but i need 70000 thousens if you could do that
    i will re-member it and you can use it
    U:krystal lee
    P: krystal
    thanks i hope i can re-member it

  62. nigger said

    john cena82

    fat ass bitches

  63. nigger said


  64. bex said

    wo wants a penguin to hack

  65. vappy said

    u dil6 p madison

  66. is any 1 a member who is nice enuf to post
    a password and user name

  67. user name: billybob password: dfjkfg
    user name: rockhopper password: fkjfdj
    user name:scary boy password: fgjirgt
    user name:cool boy159 password: mkolp
    user name: butterscent password: chestnut

  68. user name: pink mafias
    password: fewjhkfg

  69. Pokeaholic said

    Want to be a real club penguin member for free? then go to

  70. plz said

    make me a member



  71. Flubby said

    go 2 for 2 some cheats + accounts (no spammers!)
    Its has’nt got anyone on at da moment but im hopin to build it up!

  72. BOBJim 21 said

    Hi. i dont want my penguin anymore. my Name is Bobjim 21 and my pass is clicker

  73. vinny said

    tha penguin is not right

  74. homy said

    shut up it is

  75. go said

    homy shut up your an asshole

  76. homy said


  77. homy said


  78. :) :( said

    gfyhnfjhtfmlg ndstf passes pelase

  79. matt said

    does anyone want to share a members account with me. I wont get it banned i swear. send the username and password to

  80. noule said

    wat is your user name and password

  81. kinga konga said

    my username is: it mokee joe

    my password is: mokee joe-(theres an space between mokee and joe make sure u put an space)

    guys an verg big note any hackers go on this penguin are supposed to have fun i do not however want u all banning this account but make it an member do wat ever u want with it but it is not good but have fun penguins

  82. moderater said

    i am however going to ban u all forever if u continue this swearing business ok i am warning u all

  83. Rockhopper said

    yarr u are going on me ship will no me ship is …………..

    cant tell kiz

  84. Waddles said

    hi i neeeeeeed passes please members i wont hack memebr ACCOUNTS i swear on everyone grave!! (if i do everyone will die)

  85. ninja said

    who wants a real member account if you do tell me :-d

  86. ninja said


  87. im a NINJA+MODERATOR+AGENT i no tons of secrets trust me!!!!!!!

  88. Jakke said

    Ninja, I want a member’s account?

  89. baywide

  90. Restricted stop telling lies.

  91. wobbly but said

    user lilcheekigal pass i not telling!!!

  92. wobbly but said

    user wobbly but pass i not telling!!!

  93. wobbly but said

    user flossie 278 pass i no telling

  94. wobbly but said

    user waddling bout pass i no telling

  95. hot girl said

    my user is dayya and my password is donna

  96. hot girl said

    can you tell me your password wobbly but

  97. 10 POEPLEEE XD

  98. jay said

    what the heck! do not give out ur password! i got banned 4 ever!

  99. rougeassassins said

    Ninja1 password is ninja have fun

  100. drew32904 said

    u people are idiots for givin out your passwords. all the passwords i tried didnt even work!

  101. 3f2ac3b2f1ea7e4664ec1c95f97a5f18


  102. pigfergie said

    oooo Im surew everyone is lying I tried all the paswords that u peep give …

    U liers

  103. pigfergie said

    anyone on?

  104. pigfergie said

    who wanna get 1000 more send me ur pass and username I wont bann Im not a moderator ……. send to Im waiting u….

  105. pigfergie said

    andd Ninja1 ur account is banned I dunno why????

  106. pigfergie said


  107. pigfergie said

    I see no one on…..mrrr

  108. drew32904 said

    pigfergie’s right, i tried em to and they didn’t work!

  109. […] Password box « Club Penguin cheats and more Password box « Club Penguin cheats and more […]

  110. decdevil63 said

    plz give me a free membership name:Feemah pass:dexter

  111. fanway said



  112. riyt said

    password is happy77123 and the password is 159789456123

  113. 1zapdos1 said

    ok odubdami you are banned for 72 hours

  114. Anish said

    Every1 , listen to me ! I have a cool account , it is cpiscooool and its pass is simon . Pls dont ban it . it has abt 30,000 coins ! and all the colours n backgrounds. pls dont ban it !!!!! pls ! n this is not a member account!

  115. yo2boy said

    anish ur account is dumb it has only two puffles and only new backrounds and only 18 000 coins 😦

  116. freeman777 said

    I have 3 members should i post them?

  117. gymnast540 said

    YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 FREEMAN777 I CAN BE TRUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. zepplinrule said

    yes please can u
    send them plzplzplz

  119. freeman777 said

    Um ok a few are banned though pen pen2 Pass:penpen Cooler105 Pass:cooler those are 2

  120. puzzler3005 said


  121. jason3236 said

    cooler is banned and pen pen doesn’t work =-/……what about the third?

  122. zah54 said

    rsnail please meet me on clubpenguin

  123. zah54 said

    down under

  124. djevoz said

    im levaing club penguin so here is my user and pass

    user:DJ EVOZ user:crazyblob feel free to ban

    pass:5318008 pass:5318008

  125. djevoz said



  126. pucca109 said


  127. darkieye said

    u thegameplay pass123456 he is member

  128. blas1232 said

    hi u mean u ban all of them i tried

  129. blas1232 said

    hi u mean u ban all of them i tried all those and their ban
    i hate u !

  130. helpcat said

    can i have a penguin with a lot of free items and pins just leave it as a comment on my blog

  131. 2jellybelly1 said

    Rockhoppers password is anything! Trust me. This is what Ive hear people saying to me..

    USERNAME: Rockhopper
    PASS: yarr

    username: rockhopper
    pass: matey

    user: rockhopper
    pass: shipreck

    they all work :S

  132. skyliner864 said

    Username is: We Adam42 Password is: wweadam

    Feel Free to do wateva



  135. hil16 said

    User emmie g
    pass emmie g without space

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