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For those of you who want my account and future plans

Posted by omiwarrior on January 26, 2009

You cannot have my account.  Get it out of your heads.  My credit card is still saved on there and I’m not going to have you buying stuff with it.

Now for my future plans.  I’ve moved on from Club Penguin, as stated before, but I’m still into film making.  I’m going to start making Machinima soon on a website that I’ll create when my first Machinima gets to Youtube, and whether the feedback is positive or negative.  If you guys want to add me on Xbox or something, my gamertag is M0TTO (second letter is a zero).   Just tell me who you are and don’t spam my inbox.  Thanks again for getting me over 100,000 views and making my time here fun.


One Response to “For those of you who want my account and future plans”

  1. zune91994 said

    Hey What’s Up Whats Haapnin! Long Time No See uhhhh i mean Long Time No Talk……well its great that you wanna start filming again…….yah if you dont know who this is it Magnavox101 or Magnovox101…….I quit CP over 1 year ago I dont even remember how to say it……..stay out of the streets dont hustle cause thats a mistake i made in my life and got locked up…….yah anyways good luck and talk to yah later

    Its tha King Partna

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