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Posted by omiwarrior on August 12, 2007

Hi its me Omi Warrior here and I know I haven’t been posting lately.  A lot of new stuff has come out in Club Penguin during this time.  New mission, Clothing Contest, Igloo Contest, New Igloos and Flooring, New Furniture, Sled Racing Closing and Reopening with New Tracks, Disney Helping Out Club Penguin, and New Clothing Catalog.  The new mission was kinda fun, and Waterwarrior will post a tutorial later.  The mission is pretty easy and there is eveidence that Polar Bears are coming to Club Penguin, at least I think.  Clothing Contest winners and Igloo Contest winners are in the Old and New Newspapers.  You shoudl check this all out in Club Penguin.  Also, please try to keep this blog alive, because visits are going down lately.  Tell as many people you know about the blog and if hits go up high per day, I’ll have a huge igloo party with all the admins there.
Coming Soon to The Blog:

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…And Much More!

                                                                                                                                                                -Waddle Around™-

                                                                                                                                                                     ~>Omi Warrior


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