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For those of you who want my account and future plans

Posted by omiwarrior on January 26, 2009

You cannot have my account.  Get it out of your heads.  My credit card is still saved on there and I’m not going to have you buying stuff with it.

Now for my future plans.  I’ve moved on from Club Penguin, as stated before, but I’m still into film making.  I’m going to start making Machinima soon on a website that I’ll create when my first Machinima gets to Youtube, and whether the feedback is positive or negative.  If you guys want to add me on Xbox or something, my gamertag is M0TTO (second letter is a zero).   Just tell me who you are and don’t spam my inbox.  Thanks again for getting me over 100,000 views and making my time here fun.


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For Anyone Who Still Comes Here

Posted by omiwarrior on July 23, 2008

The website is done, I don’t play Club Penguin anymore.  I’m too old and Disney ruined it.  I’m quiting wordpress too, but I’m leaving the website up for anyone who needs tips for the game.  I don’t know if they are obsolete, but I really don’t care.  Good bye.

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new podcast

Posted by waterwarrior905 on April 20, 2008

Me and Chirpy123abc made a new podcast that well be on iTunes soon so check it out. If it is not on iTunes yet, you can check it out here:

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Old Upgrade

Posted by waterwarrior905 on September 4, 2007

Ok on last Friday August 31st.  There was a sport shop update.  Omi told me to post this but i was sorta busy.  So now he reminded me to post this and i had the time so here is a video of the update.

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Camp Penguin

Posted by omiwarrior on August 24, 2007

You Should check Club Penguin today for the camping Party.  There is a lot in Club Penguin but I don’t think I need to make a video about It.  Here Is an image of where the New Marshmelllow on a Stick is:


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New Stuff

Posted by omiwarrior on August 22, 2007

Here Is a video on the new stuff and sorry for posting so late:

Also, I made Another Website Its its about a bunch of games including club penguin.

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Happy 100 thousand!

Posted by omiwarrior on August 18, 2007

The Blog has finally hit 100 thousand hits!  Thank You all for visiting my blog! WaterWarrior, thank you for helping me and you too Chirpy!  Magnovox,. thanks for posting on your blog for people to come and visit here!  I will be posting a new video here later and I will be hosting an igloo party  August 25th around 2:00 PM eastern time.  Thank you!

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4th mission tutorial

Posted by waterwarrior905 on August 12, 2007

well if you read Omi’s last post that I’ll post a video tutorial about the 4th mission soon.  Well here it is and hope you enjoy.

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New Stuff

Posted by omiwarrior on August 12, 2007

Hi its me Omi Warrior here and I know I haven’t been posting lately.  A lot of new stuff has come out in Club Penguin during this time.  New mission, Clothing Contest, Igloo Contest, New Igloos and Flooring, New Furniture, Sled Racing Closing and Reopening with New Tracks, Disney Helping Out Club Penguin, and New Clothing Catalog.  The new mission was kinda fun, and Waterwarrior will post a tutorial later.  The mission is pretty easy and there is eveidence that Polar Bears are coming to Club Penguin, at least I think.  Clothing Contest winners and Igloo Contest winners are in the Old and New Newspapers.  You shoudl check this all out in Club Penguin.  Also, please try to keep this blog alive, because visits are going down lately.  Tell as many people you know about the blog and if hits go up high per day, I’ll have a huge igloo party with all the admins there.
Coming Soon to The Blog:

Blog Commercial
Famous Penguins

My Penguin Currently

…And Much More!

                                                                                                                                                                -Waddle Around™-

                                                                                                                                                                     ~>Omi Warrior

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New Cart Surfing Tracks and Tricks

Posted by omiwarrior on July 18, 2007

Here are the new things in Cart Surfing as the title says:

Here’s how to do the tricks: To do the running trick press down twice. To do the trick where he handstands on the front of the cart, press up twice. And to do the slamming trick press space then down.

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